Monday, December 20, 2010

A Stroke of Luck

December 23rd, 2010.
After a very long day at work, you are finally on your way home, enjoying the gentle snowfall that is dancing around you and the pleasing sound of snow crunching beneath your feet. Thinking of the work-free festive season that lies ahead of you, you are suddenly surprised by the sight of a green-skinned being in a puffy parka jacket dashing from an alleyway ahead to sprint across the street, heading for a nearby towerblock. In his hurry, he fails to notice a slip of golden paper fall from his pocket and flutter to the ground behind him. Intrigued, you make your way over to retrieve the paper and, upon examination, notice it is an exclusive VIP invite to the "2000ad Christmas Blow-out 2010". Reading on, you see that the party is to be held at 7pm that very evening, in the "Nerve Centre". Looking up in amazement, you are just in time to catch sight of the green-skinned being - who you now realise must be Tharg - push his way through the large glass doors of the building opposite. Looking up still more, you notice a sign above the doors with the words "Nerve Centre" emblazoned upon it.

Do you...

Make your way to the Nerve Centre with the intention of returning the invitation, or...

Hurry home to have a wash and change your clothes, fully intent on using the pass to gain entry to the party?