Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ace of Cakes

Fearing the hulking behemoth (who you recognise as the biffo from Ace Trucking Co.)will clobber you if you say no (you can tell from his tone and the way he is holding the spoon that ‘no’ is not an option) you decide to play along. “Yes, um, The Mighty One sent me to help,” you say, taking the spoon from G.B.H and smiling. “Great!” says another voice, and you turn to find a pointy-headed alien and a tiny skeletoid being at a table, attempting to assemble a cake mixture and failing miserably. “Ace Garp!” you say aloud, before you can catch yourself.

“That’s my handle, good buddy, don’t wear it out! I sure hopes you knows how to make a cake! Old frogface wants one for the party but we keep messing up! We’s gonna be in the crapper if we can’t figger this out...” “You be in crapper, Ace, your fault we here,” says the skeletoid, whose name you remember is Feek. “Try to sneak-peek Christmas present in Mighty One office, no heehee!” “Can it, bony buddy! Sheesh, what’s with the aggro, I helped you fellas out. You wuz gonna buy that new Justin Bieber CD tomorrow and then you would have had two of them! And G.B.H was gonna get a haircut but now he can wait for his voucher and get it free! You guys have no appreciation for ol’ Garp the Barp, do you?” “I appreciate you, Ace,” G.B.H says, pulling on some oversize oven gloves and moving to open the oven. Thick plumes of black smoke waft out and fill the kitchen. “I appreciate you’re really bad at cooking.” ”No heehee!” Feek cries again, smashing his head on the tabletop. “There goes another one!” Realising if you ever want to get out of here and onto the trail of the Zrag imposter you’re going to have to take charge of the situation, you grab the cookbook from Ace’s scarf and get to work organising a cake. It takes a bit of time, but exactly one hour later you find yourself putting the finishing touches to (if you do say so yourself) a damn fine three-tier sponge!

Do you...

Leave Ace and Co to it and head back out into the hallways on your own, or...

Stay with Ace and the others and follow them to the party?