Thursday, December 16, 2010

Neck Deep in Jazz

As much as you need to warn Halo about Toby, there's something about the suspicious-acting Judge that bugs you, and gives you a very bad feeling. Knowing where Halo is going and that she will be safe with Dredd, you decide to quickly check out what the Judge is up to, and make your way slowly towards the stage, keeping an eye on Anderson and the other Judges to make sure they don't spot you. Arriving unseen, you lower the handle and push the door open to step into a small, dark hallway. Ahead of you is an open door from which light is streaming and a rustling sound can be heard. Tip-toeing up to it, you press yourself back against the wall and crane your neck to peer inside, finding a Christmas-themed dressing room...and a near-naked red-haired female bound and gagged in a chair before a dressing table!

In the mirror, you see her eyes flick towards you, rolling as if trying to tell you something. "Hey, what's going on?" you ask, stepping into the room, only to stop in your tracks as your eyes go to a Christmas tree you couldn't see before. The Judge you followed is standing before it, holding a gift-wrapped parcel in one hand and his trombone in the other.

His helmet is off and resting on a nearby table, and as he turns around to face you, you realise he isn't a Judge at all, but a robotic imposter! "Stay back!" the 'Judge' snaps, holding up his parcel, a parcel you can tell - by the large chunk of C4 and timer attached to it - does not contain chocolate or lingerie. "Don't move! This party is officially over...and I'm about to wrap it up!"

Do you...

Make a run for it and call Anderson, or...

Do as you're told and stay put?