Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who Let The Dog Out?

As much as you feel you should run and get Dredd, you're afraid if you don't do something fast Toby will have his way with Halo. Against your better judgement, you rush into the warehouse, watching Halo reach the bottom of the aisle she is fleeing down and skid around a corner out of sight. With no plan in mind and no idea what you can do to stop the crazed canine, you run after Toby as he chases Halo, reaching the back of the warehouse mere seconds after her. "Give it up, girlie!" he growls, turning the corner as he gains on his prey. "You can't get away, you're meals on wheels!" As you run through the aisle, a soft swooshing sound from the other side of the rack reaches your ears, accompanied by some laboured breathing. Coming to a halt, you stare through the stacks of boxes and comics on the shelves and catch a glimpse of Halo as she skates past, heading back towards the entrance. "I seeeee you!" you hear Toby say, also on the other side of the rack, the skittering of his claws on the floor growing louder as he closes the distance between himself and Halo. Suddenly, you have an idea, the only one you're going to have, and you act instantly, reaching out to grab hold of the shelving unit before you...and push it forwards. It takes every ounce of your strength to tilt the thing back but somehow - you do it, and just in the nick of time. As Toby comes into sight on the other side of the rack, skidding to a halt as he senses your presence and jerking his head to stare through the boxes, gravity takes over and the shelving unit topples. Realising too late what is happening, Toby tries to leap clear - but the huge boxes and piles of magazines are already raining from the shelves down on top of him, stopping him in his tracks and knocking him flat. "No!" he barks, trying to scrabble clear, to no avail. The rack collapses on top of him, burying him in an avalanche of cardboard, paper, and metal slats. When it has all come to rest on top of him, and the crashing sounds have faded, a hand touches your shoulder, and you turn to find yourself up close and personal with Halo. "Thanks," she says. "I don't know who you are but...thanks. That was cool of you." " problem," you shrug. "Was the least I could do. I'm more of a cat person." Halo smiles, the ice broken. "Yeah, me too. Say...old Stoneyface is probably gonna be here soon, blowing off steam, and this party sucks. You wanna...I dunno...go somewhere?" "Sure. Like...where?" "I don't know, just...out." "Okay. What do you want to do?" A twinkle in her eye, Halo takes you by the hand and begins to lead you from the storage room. "Everything," she says, with a mischievous wink and a coy smile. Smiling back, you follow her to the elevator in the corridor outside. As you wait for it to arrive, you hesitate momentarily, remembering there is still the small matter of the Dictators of Zrag and their nefarious plot to be concerned with. Looking at Halo though, you realise you don't particularly care. There's more than enough heroes here who can deal with it, far be it for you to interfere. Convinced of this, you banish all further thought of it from your mind as the lift-car arrives and the elevator doors slide open.

And then you go out.

And do everything.

The End.

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