Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Interrupt a Man When He's Working...

Certain there is nothing you can do to stop Toby, you turn away from the door and race down the hall in the direction Dredd and Halo were heading. Sounds of brawling reach your ears as you run, making short work of the distance and soon reaching a bar that is in uproar, filled with a mob of angry, warring people. You seek out Dredd and spot him wading his way to the centre of the dance-floor, his day-stick hard at work cracking heads. You spot Slaine in the thick of it all, warped into a gigantic lumbering beast, swinging a christmas tree and knocking lumps out of anybody who gets into range.

You see Slaine's wife Niamh throwing a punch at a lumpy-headed mutant, who ducks so her fist plows into the face of a huge man with a half metal skull and a dial on his forehead. The Mean Machine roars, turning his dial up to 4 and charging, scattering everyone in his path. "This is chaos," you gasp, climbing onto a bar table and lifting your hands to your mouth. "Judge Dredd!" you cry, shouting to be heard above the din of the brawl. But Dredd is busy battling some mutants and doesn't hear you. "Judge Dredd!" you try again, jumping to the next table, and then the next, kicking beer bottles and glasses out of your way as you attempt to get closer. Still, Dredd doesn't hear you, occupied now with fighting off some robots that are trying to drag him down. Aware that time is ticking away and that Toby may have already got his claws into Halo, you grab a beer bottle from the table you are on and hurl it as hard as you can... Your aim is true. The bottle smashes into Dredd's helmet, shattering and spraying him with beer and fragments of glass. He jerks his head in your direction. You raise your arms high above your head to wave and get his attention. "Judge Dredd!" you call, for the third time. "Over here, quick, I need your help with a crazy do..." You never get to finish the sentence, as Dredd swings up his lawgiver and pulls the trigger, a bullet punching you in the chest and sending you flying from the table back out into the hall. Crashing to the floor and skidding along a slick of your own blood to come to rest against the wall, your final thought is: "Damnit, I failed..." and then, with a final are gone.

The End.

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