Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Sworn Enemy Is Better Than Your Sworn Enemy

"Don't shoot!" you gasp, holding up your hands. "I'm not spying! I swear! I found an invitation to the party that's on here and came to return it, that's all, but then this robot dog called Toby stole it and I had to chase him to get it back..." "He's lying!" says the microchip in the blue skinned G.I's gun. "Have you ever heard such nonsense? He's a dirty Nort scout, don't listen to a word he says Rogue!" "Nort scout my ass," growls Savage, moving his shotgun barrel right up to your nose. "This is a Volg sympathiser if ever I saw one! Where are your mates hiding, eh? Spill the beans or I spill your guts!" "Back off, you lunatics!" snaps Defoe, shouldering Savage roughly aside and jerking Gunnar up to point at the ceiling. "How many times do I have to tell you, its the Reeks that are planning to disrupt this party, and this is clearly no Reek. He's not dead, for starters..." "That's easily fixed!" snaps Savage, turning his shotgun to whack Defoe on the back of the head with the stock. "For both of you!" Defoe staggers forward, dazed by the blow, but quickly recovers and turns on Savage, rushing forward to ram the big guy and slam him back into the wall. Rogue tosses Gunnar to the floor and moves to try and separate the two, calling for them to calm down and think clearly. A fist to the face, which Defoe throws and Savage ducks to avoid, quickly changes his tune, and before your eyes the three proceed to pummel the crap out of each other, Savage shouting: "Volgs!", Rogue yelling: "Norts!" and Defoe roaring: "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeks!!!!"

Seizing the opportunity to escape, you look from the door to the holes in the back wall and the tunnels beyond, which the three nutters used to gain access to the closet.

Do you...

Decide it was a bad idea coming here and get out through the tunnels while the getting's good, or...

Slip out through the door and return to the bottom of the hall to resume your pursuit of Toby?