Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Great Escape

Certain now that being here is a mistake, you decide to cut your losses and get out while you can. Leaving the soldiers at war with the zombies, you flee from the room, sneaking past a warring Defoe and Zombo to escape.

Making your way back to the janitor's closet, you dash to the back and drop down on your hands and knees to crawl into one of the tunnels. Scrabbling through the narrow, earthen passage, you strain your eyes against the dark but are unable to make out a single thing. What seems like an eternity passes as you move forward, until the ground suddenly disappears beneath you and you plunge into empty space! You cry out as you tumble a short distance before coming to a jarring halt, splashing down into a shallow body of water. Which isn't water at all, your nose soon discovers. Even as your eyes grow accustomed to the dark - which isn't as all-consuming as the tunnel you just left, due to an opening in the roof ahead that allows a small amount of light into the area - the stench and sound of rats chittering informs you that you are now a guest in the local sewers.

Wishing not to outstay your welcome, you get to your feet and splash your way towards the open manhole cover, finding a ladder attached to the wall beneath it and quickly climbing up to fresh air and safety. Pulling yourself up out of the hole, you find yourself in an alleyway at the side of the Nerve Centre building and breath a sigh of relief. As you make your way around to the front, you wonder if you should try again to tell Tharg about the ticket he lost, which Toby is now in possession of, but before you can make a move towards the door a snowball comes out of nowhere and smashes into your face. "What the hell!" you gasp, wiping snow from your eyes and scooping more from the ground to retaliate. When you see where the snowball came from, however, and who threw it, you quickly change your mind, dropping your half-made projectile and turning to run.

"Sh-sh-sh-ka-ka-kara!!!!!" the alien robot thing guarding the entrance to the Nerve Centre shouts after you, hurling another three snowballs at your back to chase you off. Enough is enough, you think, knowing when you are out of your depth. 2000ad christmas party? Toby can wreak as much havoc as he wants, you decide, as you make your way across the road to the nearest bus stop, hop the first bus that comes along and set off on the long journey home.

The End.

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