Sunday, December 19, 2010

Access All Areas

Leaving the men and the zombies at each other's throats, you rush to the door and charge back out into the hall, narrowly slipping past Defoe and Zombo.

Not pausing for breath you run, panting, through the corridor, past the janitor's closet, past the elevator, and back to the kitchen, where you are just in time to catch Ace and Co leaving.

"There you are," G.B.H says, as he pushes a catering trolley out through the door. Your cake is in place on the trolley, Feek sitting up alongside it. "Thought you ran out on us." "No," you gasp, shaking your head. You don't want to tell them about the nightmare you just escaped from, don't even want to think about it. "The, um, toilet was pretty far away... So, uhh, what now?” “Now we take this baby to the dining room!” Ace gushes. “There should be some guests here by now, if we can sneak into the party we can mingle with the stars and get some autygraphs! Let’s go, truckin’ buddies!” You let Ace and Co. take the lead as you leave the kitchen, following the merry bunch of weirdos through a number of winding corridors until you spot a locked door with a laminated card stuck to it and a card reader set in the wall alongside. The wording on the card reads: "Party Access. Scan Invite to Enter." Ace and the others walk past this door, bemoaning the fact they don't have their own tickets and have to work their way in, but since you do, you allow yourself to fall behind and wait until they have turned a corner before doubling back and scanning your invite at the door. Gaining access, you enter a new passageway and hurry down to an intersecting corridor, which runs left and right away from you. Sounds of music and partying reach your ears from both directions. The question is...where on Earth might the imposter be?

Do you...

Go left,or...

Go right?