Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Fine Mess

Leaving the men and the zombies at each other's throats, you rush to the door and charge back out into the hall, narrowly slipping past Defoe and Zombo.

Not pausing for breath you run, panting, through the corridor, past the stairwell door, past the janitor's closet, and on, until you come to an elevator and finally slow to a halt. Leaning against the wall to catch your breath, you hear a banging noise coming from a room ahead, just beyond the elevator doors. What now? you wonder, as you start to move forward again, against your better judgement. This is a big mistake, you think, your heart pounding in your chest. You should really call it a day, get out through the tunnels in the broom closet. You should...but you don't, the clattering of what seems to be pots and pans hypnotising you and calling you onward to a swing door in the wall. Cautiously, you slide one hand onto the cold metal panel and push it open just a crack. A great commotion is occurring within. You crane your neck to peer into the room...but just then, the door is jerked fully open and a monstrous hand slaps down on your head, lifting you off the ground and hauling you inside. You twist and wriggle, trying to get free, but to no avail. Once you are fully inside the room, the hand releases you, dumping you unceremoniously onto the floor. Looking up, you find a hideous beast with a wild flowing mane of hair and dark sunken eyes staring down at you. The creature is dressed in a dark blue boiler suit with the letters G.B.H embroidered on it, and is wearing a dirty apron and a crumpled chef’s hat. “You here to help with the cooking?” it drones, extending a hand and offering you a gooey wooden spoon.

Do you...

Say yes, you are here to help and take the spoon, or...

Call it a day and make a run for it for those tunnels?