Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Realising there’s no point even attempting to run from Dredd, you get to your feet and stutter an apology. “Leering at a Judge in a lascivious manner! Coveting Justice Department property! Disrupting the peace and interrupting an approved Justice Department function! Sitting on a Gronk! You’re in a world of trouble, creep, it’s gonna take more than ‘sorry’ to get out of it!” Nevertheless, “Sorry”, is exactly what you say, prompting Dredd to jab you in the gut with his day-stick. “What’s your name, creep!” the Judge commands, as you moan and double over. “I don’t recognise you, show me your invite!” "You don't understand," you gasp, reaching into your pocket to retrieve the invitation. "I'm only here because..." Before you can explain about coming to return the invite and overhearing the Zrags' plans, a female voice calls: “Hey, Dreddy!” and stops you in your tracks. Both you and Dredd turn in the direction of the words as the speaker continues: “If you’re looking for trouble, I hear there’s a bar brawl brewing at the Slaine gig. Might want to check that out instead of wasting time on some numpty.” The speaker is a young lady on roller skates, dressed in a skirt and tube top and balancing a tray laden with cocktails in one hand.

Your heart skips a beat as you recognise her as a vision of beauty, otherwise known as Halo Jones. “Bar brawl?!” Dredd gasps, instantly forgetting you and almost knocking you to the floor as he hurries past. “At last, something to do!” Amazed by your good fortune, you make eye contact with Halo, who winks at you and flashes a friendly smile before skating away to fetch another round of drinks. Glancing nervously over your shoulder to check Anderson isn’t preparing to continue Dredd’s line of questioning, you are glad to see she has returned to the stage to take a break with her band...all bar one of them, who you notice slinking away with his trombone, keeping to the shadows as he makes his way backstage.

Do you...

Head to the bar brawl to watch Dredd in action, or...

Follow the trombone-playing Judge backstage?