Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm...Oops!

You arrive at the Nerve Centre puffing and panting, your clean shirt reeking with sweat. Cursing your decision to save a few bob and cycle, you park your bike at the nearby library and make your way to the Nerve Centre on foot. Checking the invitation, you find a map on the back that directs you to a small outhouse at the rear of the building. Entering a litter-strewn alleyway to the left of the Nerve Centre, you make your way quickly towards the back...but are caught off-guard by a foot that snakes out from an alcove and trips you, sending you sprawling to the ground. “Hey, hey, hey, what have we got here? Fancy yerself as a bit of a party-crasher, do ye boyo?” You roll over onto your back and look up to find two crazy looking individuals standing over you, one with a messy mane of red hair, the other with blinding white, pupil-less eyes. Though they are smiling in a friendly manner, they are both armed...and pointing their weapons at your head!

"Good call volunteering for the security gig, Finny,” says the dark-skinned, white-eyed man. “Old Thargy is gonna HAVE to give us a run of more than 6 episodes at a time after this!”

Do you...

Plead with these two scary looking hombres for your life, or...

Produce your invitation and try to bluff your way past them?