Sunday, December 12, 2010

This Bar Brawl is Explosive!

Knowing there's nothing you can do, you turn and run, jerking open the door to lurch back into the bar. Skidding on a puddle of spilled beer you careen into the counter, stunned to find the place is now in uproar. Less than a minute has passed since you went through the door, but in that small amount of time what started as a skirmish has escalated into a full blown war. You see Slaine in the thick of it all, warped into a gigantic lumbering beast, swinging his arms left and right to knock lumps out of anybody who gets into range. On his back is Ukko, holding strands of his hair like reigns and egging him on to further carnage. You see Zenith fly up to the roof, holding Niamh in his arms...he kisses her forcefully on the lips, before she knees him in the balls causing him to moan and let her go. She somersaults in the air as she drops, landing on her feet and instantly throwing a punch at the mutant beside her. He is quick to hurl one back...but she ducks and his fist plows into the face of a huge man with a half metal skull and a dial on his forehead. The man roars, turning his dial up to 4 and charging, scattering everyone in his path. "This is chaos," you gasp, looking around for somebody, anybody, who might be able to help you. And then you see him, charging into the room like a one-man army, Judge Dredd, sporting his usual helmet and badge but dressed inexplicably in a waiter's outfit and carrying a bottle of wine on a tray.

Throwing down the tray, he produces his lawgiver and fires a round at the ceiling, hollering for order. Judge Dredd! He's the one, he can help. You clamber up on to the counter and raise your hands to your mouth, shouting to be heard over the din of the brawling. "Judge Dredd!" you cry, but Dredd is too busy whacking mutants with his day-stick and doesn't hear you. "Judge Dredd!" you try again, running along the counter top kicking beer bottles and glasses out of your way as you attempt to get closer. Still, Dredd doesn't hear you, occupied now with fighting off some robots that are trying to drag him down. Aware that time is ticking away and that soon this bar and everyone in it will be little more than swirling piles of ash, you grab a beer bottle from the counter and hurl it as hard as you can... Your aim is true. The bottle smashes into Dredd's helmet, shattering and spraying him with beer and fragments of glass. He jerks his head in your direction. You raise your arms high above your head to wave and get his attention. "Judge Dredd!" you call, for the third time. "Over here, quick, there's a bo..." You never get to finish the sentence, as Dredd swings up his gun and pulls the trigger once, a dummy round punching you in the chest and sending you flying into the shelves of alcoholic beverages behind. Crashing to the floor, your final thought is: "Damnit, Dredd, I was just trying to help.." and then, just as you are slipping into unconsciousness, an explosion fills your ears, and an inferno of flame engulfs you...

The End.

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