Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Stench of Failure

“You’ve got the wrong end of the stick!” you insist, squirming uncomfortably in your soiled pants and trying not to smell yourself. “Look, there’s a party on here tonight, don’t you know about it? I’ve got an invitation, that’s why I’m here!” You take the invite from your pocket to prove it and the sewer-bot snatches it from you. “I won it,” you lie, trying not to move too much. “There was a competition, I entered and...” “Is that a fact?” the robot mutters, examining the invite carefully. You begin to relax as Rojaws seems to be buying your story...and then, out of the blue, he lashes out with his shovel-hand to cold-cock you on the head! As you fall to the ground, the robot wheels away from you to make for the outhouse at breakneck speed. “Thanks a million, you nerk! Tharg wouldn’t give me an invite coz he was afraid I’d stink the place up! Well, ol’ Rojaws has a ticket now and he’s gonna use it! Watch out morons! Here comes the whiff of the party!” With that, Rojaws scans the ticket at the outhouse, opening the door and vanishing inside. Before you can say or do a thing the doors have shut behind him and Rojaws - along with your invitation and the chance of a lifetime – is gone, leaving you with nothing to look forward to but a long, uncomfortable journey home.

The End.

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